Our Services

  1. Existing building performance optimization

    Existing building performance optimization is an in depth sustainability audit which offers building owners in the residential, commercial, industrial & institutional property sector a unique opportunity to reduce financial costs related to energy, water & waste.Ultimately resulting in your building being more energy & resource efficient as well as being more resilient. 

  2. Green star certification

    Green building is gaining remarkable traction around the globe, we are pleased to announce that we are now offering green building consulting in line with the green building council of South Africa’s certification requirements for new green buildings in South Africa & Africa. The Green Star SA rating system.

  3. Net-zero/positive

    3.1 Net zero/positive Carbon/Energy.

    A highly energy efficient building,which is achieved through lowering the buildings demand for energy though efficient energy systems.The buildings energy requirements are met by on site or off site renewable energy generation so that there are net-zero carbon emissions on an annual basis. A building that produces more energy than it consumes is a net positive energy building.

    3.2 Water

    A building that substantially reduces total water consumption.The water produced by the building including the recycled & reused water resource amounts to the total water resources consumed by the building on an annual basis;Net zero water.
    If the water produced by the building is greater that the water consumed ,this results in a net positive water building.

    3.3 Waste

    A Buildings waste streams are reused,reduced and recovered to convert them to valuable resources in such a way that zero solid waste is diverted to landfill sites annually;Net-zero waste.A net positive waste building is a building where waste from other sites are diverted to it for reuse and not to a landfill.

    3.4 Ecology

    Ecological value is not reduced by a new project/building on a Greenfield site ;Net-zero ecology.A project/building that increases the value of the environment on a Greenfield or brownfield site is known as Net-positive ecology.

  4. Edge

    Excellence in design for greater efficiencies requires achieving a minimum of 20% greater efficiencies in the following 3 categories ; operational energy,water usage & reduction in embodied energy of building materials.

    Edge buildings lead to long term economic & environmental savings.

  5. Building performance modeling.

    Software building modeling and simulation furnish a complete picture of how environmental aspects and building envelope systems can & will affect the performance of a building. The software models issue a simplified representation of the behaviors & characteristics of building surroundings so as to utilize performance to inform design. We utilize a number of building performance modeling tools to examine the impacts of energy efficiency, daylight, condensation, & thermal comfort to determine how to most effectively, efficiently meet project & sustainability goals. Building performance modeling addresses building systems,building operations & building maintenance.

  6. Indoor environment quality optimisation.

    The numerous elements of the indoor environment quality category are primarily concerned with the well being of building occupants & building attributes which contribute to a healthy & productive indoor environment. Comfort factors addressed include but are not limited to climate control, external views, noise levels, minimisation of volatile organic compounds, mold prevention, heating, cooling & ventilation amongst a number of other aspects

  7. Building user guide.

    An easy to use building guide for the non-technical building user.The building user guide through practical guidance,  encourages the utilization of the green  building characteristics of the design.

  8. Intelligent building systems/automation.

    Building automation is automatic centralized control of a buildings heating, ventilation,cooling,electrical, lighting,Security Systems Access control,shading,hot water systems and other interrelated systems through a Building Automation System
    We provide full Automation systems for buildings in the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional property sectors.